Mr. Ludwig- Latin I Translation Review                                     Nomen______________________________

                                                                                                Hora____ Dies________________________

Answer the following questions in English, then translate the sentence.

A. She has been taught by good teachers.

1. Subject:                     2. Tense of Verb:                      3. Verb:

4. Preposition going with abl. of agent:                5. Adjective describing the agent:

5. Abl. of Agent:

6. Translation:


B. The sons of our farmers had seen few towns.

7. Subject:                     8. Genitive of possession:                                   9. Adj. describing possessors:

10. Tense of Verb:                                11. Verb:                                  12. Direct Object:

13. Adj. describing D.O.:                      

14. Translation:


C. The price of love will have been taught by the excellent mother.

15. Subject:                               16. Genitive of possession:                                 17. Tense of Verb:

18. Verb:                                  19. Preposition going with abl. of agent:

20. Adjective describing the agent:                                  21. Abl. of Agent:

22. Translation:


D. The men had been ordered to seize the fortified town.

23. Subject:                   24. Tense of Verb:                                25. Verb:                                 

26. Infinitive:                                         27. Direct Object:

28. Perfect Passive Participle describing D.O.:

29. Translation: