Synopsis of verbs

A. Future Tense-

1. What two letters are the normal sign of the future tense?  ___  ___

2. When forming the future, the first step is to do what?

3.  When forming the future, what are the second and third steps?



4. Conjugate the following 1st Conjugation verb in the Future tense:

specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatus           Singular                        Plural

1st Person                                             _______________      ________________

2nd Person                                            _______________      ________________

3rd Person                                             _______________      ________________

Translate these forms into English:

                                    ______________________    _________________________

                                    ______________________    _________________________

                                    ______________________    _________________________


B. Genitive and Ablative Uses

5. What do we use the Genitive case to show?

6. What is one way we can translate the Genitive case?

7. What Latin preposition is used with the Ablative of Place Where?

8. How do we translate this preposition into English?


9. Translate:

in viis-

insula agricolarum-

terra nautae-

Spectabimus famam puellae in longa insula.


                                                                                                                        ___/31 points

X. Practice translating:


1. portabitis-


2. laborabunt-


3. spectabimus-


4. amabo-


5. laboratis-


6. laudabis-


Y. Form the Latin:


7. I shall watch-


8. Marcus will prepare-


9. They will carry-


10. The girl will work-


11. The sailor will sail-


12. He was a sailor in the Adriatic-



13. The girls of Sicily will love to watch Brutus-