A. Asking Questions

  1. The two main types of questions are ___________________ and _______________.

  2. With what four words can we start our Latin informational questions?

  _______________   _________________   _________________   ________________

  3. When the FBI catches a criminal, they interrogate him/her.  This is what you are doing when you ask a question, so we call these four words ______________________.

  4. To ask a yes/no question you put an _______ at the __________ of the first word in your question.

  5. To ask a question when you expect a yes answer, you say ____________ first.

  6. To ask a question when you expect a no answer, you say ____________ first.

  7. Translate:

            a. Num natare amatis.

            b. Nonne Bolum Superum spectabitis.

            c. Did you see Little Bow-wow in my house?

            d. Where does Carson Palmer live?

            e. Why didn’t you earn the money?

B. Conjunctions

  1. Besides “et,” another way to say and is ___________, which means _____________.

  2. To say “________ … _______” you can use “et… et.”

  3. Another way to connect a pair of words is to put a _________ on the back of the

________________ word.

  4. Translate:

            f. Viros feminasque in bello Iraquo vidi.

            g. Et album P. Diddii et album J. Zei habeo.

            h. Bush and also Kerry are fighting for allies.

            i. She gave me an iPod and a new car(t).

C. Apposition

  1. Words are in apposition to each other when the second word (or phrase) is naming the ___________ thing but using a _____________ way of describing it without connecting the two with a ______________ or ______________________.

  2. In Latin, both words are but in the _____________ case according to what the function of the first word is in the sentence.  We usually use _________________ to mark of the phrase that is in apposition.

  3. Translate:

            j. Video Marcum, amicum meum.

            k. She gave the Nobel, a famous reward, to Rufus.



D. Answer the following review questions:

  I. What do you do to ask a yes/no question?


  II. What are 3 ways you can say “and” in Latin?


  III. What do you do to ask a question expecting “yes” in Latin?


  IV. Translate: Bellum concordiamque sunt in terra.


  V. Words in apposition share the same what?


  VI. Translate: Elvis prepared dinner, didn’t he?


  VII. Translate: Patriam, novam terram, amavit.




                                                                                                                        ___/10 pts