A. Fill in the blanks or answer the questions


1. The Romans built triumphal arches to celebrate ____________________ and ________________________.


2. Over the centuries people have studied Latin because of their _____________ about the ancient word.


3. The English language owes a great debt of _________________ to Latin.


4. Name 3 aspects of our culture that the ancient Romans have influenced.




5. “To learn another language is to gain another ___________.”


6. Rome  is on the ___________ River in a central district of Italy called Latium.


7. By the second century A.D. Rome itself was at the same time _________ and ____________.


8. What language did the Romans study just like we study Latin today?



9. More than _____________ percent of English vocabulary has been derived or taken intact from Latin!


10. In early modern Europe, Latin was the international language of all _______________ men and women.


11. From what did the people of the Renaissance get new confidence in themselves and new horizons to explore?



12. Practice in translating Latin will give ___________ and _______________ to your English style of writing and speaking.


13. “Not to know what happened before you were born is to be forever a ___________.”


14. Who said the quote in question #13?



15. What letters do we have that are missing from the Roman alphabet?