Ulixes- Lesson XXIV p

Ulixes- Lesson XXIV p. 167                                       Nomen_______________________


Read through the story and translate the sentences from the book that are not yet translated into the blanks given below.  Each correct sentence is worth 1 point.

Ulysses, a Greek leader who had fought in the Trojan war, after the peace hastened to Ithaca where he had lived.  But the sad man withstood many bad things and did not find safety.  _______________________________________________________




            After the peace Ulysses departed away from Troy with many soldiers.  He approached to the land of the Lotus-eaters.  A few Greek soldiers ate the lotus and loved (it); (then) they did not remember both (their) leader and (their) comrades.  ___________






            Then (Ulysses) was driven to Sicily by means of winds.  The Cyclopes ,tall and harsh men who have only one eye, lived in Sicily.  Neither the laws of the gods nor of humans scared (them).  ___________________________________________________




___________________________________.  They found a great cave.  It contained a


great supply of grain.  _____________________________________________________


______________________________________________________.  He lead sheep into the cave.  Polyphemus saw the Greeks and shouted: “From what place do you come?  What (kind of) people are you?  What are you seeking?  _________________________:


_______________________________.  _____________________________________.




            Polyphemus seized two men and ate (them); then he fell asleep.  _____________


___________________________________________________________________, who


_______________________________________________________________.  “What is it?” they asked.  Who wounded you?”  Polyphemus said:


“_______________________________________________________.”  _____________


____________________________________________________________________.  Polyphemus sought out the Greeks but he did not find (them) because they departed from the cave having been tied under the sheep.  Having been freed they hastened to the ships and there they found safety.