The Trojans waged war with the Greeks for many years

Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                  Aeneas Story p. 162               Nomen__________________

The Trojans waged war with the Greeks for many years.  The Greeks seized Troy.  Trojan Aeneas took arms and hastened to defend the city with many men.  But the goddess Venus, the mother of Aeneas, found him in the middle of the town and made a speech:

“Hear my feeling.  Remember your family.  Call together family and strong friends and flee.  You will find a new fatherland.  Yield to fortune.  The gods will afflict the Trojans with a hard punishment.”

            Aeneas did not hear the advice gratefully but did (his) duty.  He lead back the men and called together friends.  The friends came together and prepared to depart.  Then Aeneas carried (his) father and lead (his) small son out of the town.  With many servants and allies he fled.  One at a time they came together in a suitable place and there they pitched camp.  They carried timber our of the forest and prepared ships.  They came to many islands and new lands but they did not find a new fatherland.  They lead a hard life.  The anger of Juno, the queen of the gods, made this out.

            Castra posita erat in Creta.1 Then in the middle of sleep Aeneas saw (his) household gods and heard the saying:

            Crete will not be your fatherland.  Depart Trojans!  The place, which the Greeks call Hisperia, est Italiam appellatam.2  In loco lecto, terminum curarum perpetuarum invenietis.3  There you will live in leisure and harmony and you will place and fortify a great town.”

            Tum Troiani consilium scitum ceperunt.4  They moved the camp and sailed to Italy!!!


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