Aeneas called together the allies and made a speech:

Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                  Aeneas in Africa p. 186         Nomen__________________

Translate the sentences left in Latin and answer the questions from the story translation-

Aeneas called together the allies and made a speech:

            “We are in an unknown land.  But the gods are our protection.  Commit (your) life to the gods.  Neither land nor water scares us.  We shall find a way or make (one).  Italy will be ours.  There an end of our troubles and continuous leisure will be found by the Trojans.  There will be the fatherland and a new Troy.  We shall never depart from the new fatherland.”

            Then Aeneas departed with one comrade from the camp.  Loca explōrāre maturāvit.1  (His) mother Venus saw him and called (him).  Venus announced to Aeneas the name of the town, which is called Carthage and is in Africa, and the name of the queen, who is Dido.  Via Aenēae ā deā mōnstrātur; Aenēās prōcessit et magnum oppidum vīdit.2  In the middle of the city was a temple.  Queen Dido came to the temple with a few allies.  There were the rest of the Trojans whom the waves had separated from Aeneas. 

            Dido heard the bad things (troubles) of the Trojans and said:

            “By my help you will come either into Italy or into Sicily suitably, friends.  Sed grātum est in nostrā patriā manēre,3 our city is yours and you will have protection.”

            Tum magna cēna et cibī egregiī ā rēgīnā parantur.4  Aeneas sends a messenger to (his) son, who is called Iulus; the messenger said:

            “Hurry to the town, Iulus.  (Your) father awaits you.”

            But Venus sends the god of love, Amor (Cupid), in the place of Iulus.  Sed et Aenēās et reliquī Troianī deum crēdunt esse Iūlum.5  Then Amor affected the queen, and Dido begins to love Aeneas…

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6. Who shows Aeneas the right road to go on?

7. Whom does Aeneas see at the temple?

8. What choice does Dido offer the Trojans?

9. Who prepares the excellent feast?