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Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                                                       Nomen________________________

Aeneas ad Inferos- Translate the underlined words in the blanks provided.

            Aeneas was the son of Anchises, who had departed from life in Sicily.  Then Anchises had come to (his) son in sleep and had called (his) son: “Come, son, to the lower world, where I am.  Sibylla1 viam nōvit et te ducet.  “_____________________________________________________


Thus Aeneas went forward into Italy, where the prophetess Sibyl was living.  The advice of Sibyl was: “Ad inferōs te producam et sine periculō reducam, sī2 in silvā rāmum aureum invēneris.”



__________________________________________________________________.”  Thus Aeneas hastened into the forest.  Auxiliō Veneris rāmum invēnit et cum Sibyllā ad inferōs descendit3. 



There he saw and learned many new things.

Then he went to a great forest.  There was Dido.  Aeneas saw the queen and said: “Did the messenger (really) report a true thing?  Vītamne āmīsistī?  Causane fuī?  Invītus4 ex patriā tuā excessī, sed ita deus imperāverat.”   _____________________________________________?

_____________________________________________?  _____________________________

____________________________________, _______________________________________

________________________________.  But the queen, now an enemy (inimical), is not moved by the words and tears of Aeneas.  Neque Aeneam spectāvit neque respondit sed in silvam fūgit.



Aeneas slowly departed from the forest and saw the place where the bad people were afflicted with punishments.  Then Aeneas and the Sibyl went forward into Elysium.  Ibi animae5 bonōrum in concordiā vitam agēbant.  Iniūria et pugnae aberant.  ____________________________________


________________________________________________________________________.  There was Anchises.  The grateful (old man) received (his) son and announced: “I shall point out the famous Romans who will be afterward in the land and the glory of your people.  Romanī populōs aequē regent et malōs superāverint.”  ________________________________________________



Aeneas is not kept back by Anchises and is lead back into the land by the Sibyl.  He goes to Italy…

1the prophetess Sibyl   2if         3decended        4unwillingly      5souls