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Past and Future-Perfect Homework Sheet                                Hora____ Dies___________

A. Answer the following questions:

1. What three letters always appear in the Past-Perfect?_____  _____  _____

2. What word do we always use to translate the Past-Perfect? ___________

3. What three letters appear in most Future-Perfect words?_____  _____  _____

4. What two words do we always use to translate the Future-Perfect? ______________

5. What stem do we use to form the Past and Future-Perfect? ____________________

Underline all of the Past-Perfect words and circle all the Future-Perfect words in this list: portaverunt, fecerit, accessit, muniveramus, egisti, fecerat, portaverint, duxistis, rexeram, legerunt, legit, amavero, docuerint, fugeras, habemur, hollabackantur, scripseramus, trahet, maneo, appellaveris, moverant.


B. Complete the chart by filling the appropriate tenses in the same person and #:

Imperfect                      Perfect             Past-Perfect                 Future-Perfect

Ex.       ponebas                       posuisti posueras                       posueris

7.         ____________            leximus ________________    _________________

8.         ____________       _____________   duxeratis                       _________________

9.         parabant                  _____________   ________________    _________________

10.       ____________       _____________   ________________    traxero


C. Label the Subject, Direct Object, Verb Tense, and Adjectives/Adverbs.

Then translate:


11. The queen had already given the golden branch.




12. The king will have called the servants.





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