Dear Mrs

Topic: Choose either Slavery or Family Life in Ancient Rome, (see pgs. 104-105 in textbook)

Due Date: December 1st           Length: 2-3 double-spaced pages

A. For Slavery topic, be sure to answer these questions:

            1. Who were the slaves?  Where did they come from?

            2. What did they do, specific jobs?

            3. How & when did slavery begin & end in ancient Rome?

            4. Explain the similarities & differences between slavery in ancient Rome & 18th and 19th Century America.


B. For Family Life topic, be sure to answer these questions:

            1. What was the typical family unit?

            2. What role did each member of the family have?

            3. Who was in charge of the family?

            4. Explain similarities & differences between family life in ancient Rome & 21st Century   America.

Grade will be based on:

-Completeness, accuracy, and thoroughness of information.  50 pts

                                    -Good introduction and conclusion.  20 pts

                                    -Identify proper names, places, and unusual terms.  5 pts

                                    -Proper spelling, grammar, and proofreading.  5 pts

                                    -Inclusion of Bibliography (separate page & correct format).  10 pts

                                    -Rough draft and notes handed in at the same time.  10 pts

*** You must use 3 sources in addition to your textbook, and only 2 sources can be from the internet.

Grade value:  The 2nd Quarter Project grade is equivalent to a Test grade.


Do’s and Don’ts of Latin Paper Projects

J Do have an introduction paragraph that states what you will talk about.

J Do have a good conclusion paragraph that summarizes what you said and why it is important.

J Do write or print out a rough draft so that you can proof read your paper.  This means that you read through what you have written and make clearly marked corrections of any written mistakes.  This is also when you add any necessary information that you forgot to include.

J Do take notes on a “working bibliography” sheet from the library, so that you have your notes together with the source information.  Then when you make your bibliography page, you will know where all of your information came from.


L Don’t write in an informal style, like you might write in an email to a friend.  Instead, write as if you were writing to the president or the Queen of England.

L Don’t use contractions like “don’t” in a formal paper or essay.

L Don’t us the first or second person, such as “I” or “you.”  This is too informal.  Stick to the facts.

L Don’t copy sentences from a source word for word.  Summarize the important information or use short quotations if the wording is important.

L Don’t use long, run-on sentences.  Instead, break thoughts down into smaller units.