Lesson XVI: The Speech of Spartacus

Lesson XVI: The Speech of Spartacus!  Correctne? J

Spartacus has been a famous slave, capturing the Romans.  He called the allies and urged on (the allies) to war: “O allies, the Romans have not been just.  I was a boy in my town, and I was always influential in life.  Great was the harmony in my country.  The peoples were just.  I loved the great forest and the wide fields.  I did not live with a master; where I have been free.  I had your friend, a good and pleasing boy.  But the Romans seize my country; they carried me and my friend away from the country.  Now I am a man for not many years and I fight in the public arena.  Tomorrow in this town I will kill a man whom I do not recognize –and he is my friend.  You are men, aren’t you?  You do not like the Roman people and the masters of evil.  We did not deserve injustice.  Your case is just.  The hour isn’t now, is it?  To arms!  Everybody fight!  Show your courage!  Call your friends to help!  We shall free slaves, we shall be free, we shall hasten to depart to our sacred country and there we shall work in our fields and we shall live in harmony!!!”