-The basic verb endings are: -_________ = I

-The basic verb endings are:  -_________ = I             -_________ = we       

                                                -_________ = you                   -_________ = you all  

                                                -_________ = he/she/it            -_________ = they

-We can tell each Conjugation apart by their Infinitives (2nd Principal Parts):

1st Conj. – are

2nd Conj. – ere

3rd Conj. – ere (first part ends with –o)

3rd –io C. – ere (first part ends with –io)

4th Conj. – ire  (first part ends with –io)

-Here’s how we put together each conjugation in the Present Tense:

                                    Base* –    linking vowel     – ending                  Special forms

1st Conj.- portamus =  port       +          a         +          mus                  porto, portant

            Translation:       carry                do                    we

2nd Conj.- docemus =  doc      +          e         +          mus                  doceo, docent

            Translation:       teach                do                    we

3rd Conj.- ponimus =  pon        +          i          +          mus                  pono, ponunt

            Translation:       place                do                    we

3rd -io C.- capimus =  cap        +          i          +          mus                  capio, capiunt

            Translation:       take                  do                    we

4th Conj.- munimus = mun        +          i          +          mus                  munio, muniunt

            Translation:       fortify               do                    we

    *The “Base” for the Present Tense comes from the 2nd Principal Part

-Use what you know to conjugate these verbs correctly in Latin:

I. teneo, tenere, tenui, tentus.  Write in Latin- We do keep:

                                                                        - They do keep:

II. mitto, mittere, misi, missus.  Write in Latin- You do send:

                                                                        - They do send:

III. accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus.  Write in Latin- We do receive:

                                                                                    - They do receive:

IV. venio, venire, veni, ventus.  Write in Latin- You all do come:

                                                                        - They do come: