Mr. Ludwig- Latin I      Idiom Sheet 2                                       Nomen_________________________

A. Translate the phrase with the proper idiomatic (smooth) English translation. Watch the tenses!!!

1. causam agimus-

2. castra posuerunt-

3. multum egit-

4. Puellae equos agunt-

5. gratiam habimus-

6. bellum gessit-

7. gratias egisti-

8. Nauta praedam agit-

9. Titus consilium cepit-

10. vitam egimus-

11. Pueri de officiis agere amat-

12. Marce, viam muni!-

13. gratias ago-

14. Fortunam memoria tenemus-

B. Translate the English phrase into Latin using the proper Roman idiom.

15. I feel grateful-

16. you do much-

17. they give thanks-

18. you all give thanks-

19. we adopt a plan-

20. you all feel grateful-



Mr. Ludwig- Latin I                                                                         Nomen________________________

Answer the multiple choice questions by translating the specific sentence on pg. 129.  Be careful!

___1. In sentence 1, what two words are in apposition to each other?

     a. Quondam, Roma   b. Roma, oppidum   c. Roma, Italiae   d. Roma, parva

___2. In sentence 2, what did the Romans prepare to do?

     a. fortify the city   b. fortify and seize   c. seize and defend   d. seize the city

___3. In sentence 3, with what did the Romans increase their city?

     a. victories   b. greatness   c. countries   d. slaves

___4. In sentence 4, what does the “egerunt” of the “praedam egerunt” mean?

     a. they seized   b. they carried off   c. they made   d. they received   e. they loved

___5. In sentence 5, what did the Romans do?

     a. feel grateful & made   b. made & drove   c. came & did   d. gave thanks & made

___6. In sentence 6, what did the Romans earn?

     a. good offices   b. made offices   c. great rewards   d. a great reward

___7. In sentence 7, what did the Romans do to the “great number of colonists?”

     a. killed them   b. sent them   c. received them   d. yielded to them

___8. In sentence 8, what did the Romans seize?

     a. provinces   b. many barbarians   c. many lands   d. just rulers

___9. In sentence 9, what did the barbarians do to the Latin language?

     a. destroyed it   b. made it   c. received it   d. retreated from it

___10. In sentence 10, where did the Romans carry grain?

     a. to the provinces   b. through Italy   c. into Rome   d. out from other lands

___11. In sentence 11, what did the Romans fortify?

     a. Britain   b. cities   c. Africa   d. an Asian city

___12. In sentence 12, what did Rome do?

     a. much time   b. conquered  c. increased   d. ruled

                                                                                                                                    ____/12 points

Maturabisne in Italiam venire et ruinas Romanas invenire?

“Will you hasten to come into Italy and to find the Roman ruins?”