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Ceres et Proserpina  p. 148

Ceres is the goddess of grain, she lived with her daughter Proserpina in Sicily.  Pluto is the god of the underworld.  He saw Proserpina and fell in love with her.  So he came out of the underworld with his chariot and took Proserpina away with him back to the underworld.  Ceres went looking for her daughter, but could not find her anywhere.  Ceres was so sad that she did not bless the fields and so no flowers or crops grew.  When the people of Sicily didn’t have anything to eat, they said… (Line 14)

Directions: Find 10 mistakes in the translation.  Number the mistakes and correct them

            “What did we do?  We work in the fields but we will not have grain.  We are not well.  The gods were not just; they do not do (their) duties.”

          Juppiter, who ruled the gods and men, saw the injuries of the people and announced to the goddesses of the fields:

          Prosepina will be well but Pluto holds her (eam).  I sent the messenger Mercury to those below (i.e. the underworld).  Mercury will drag your daughter to you.  But she will not always remain in the land of Proserpina.  Thus (ita) it will be remaining: she lives part of the year on land, part under (sub) the land.”

          So (ita) Juppiter brought about harmony.  Ceres will receive (her) daughter.  Proserpina lived part of the year on land, part under the land.  Whenever she is free on land, we will see many flowers and great supplies of grain, because Ceres is grateful in the fields and great is the eagerness of the goddess.  But whenever Proserpina departs to those below, Ceres is sad, and there were not varying flowers.