W. Verb Explanation

-Verbs tell what a subject _______ or _____________.

- There are ______ attributes of verbs, we will learn about 3 this quarter.

            1. Tense- showing the __________ of the verb.  Ex.-

            2. Person- showing who is the subject of the verb (what “person” it refers to).

            3. Number- showing whether the subject of the verb is singular or plural.

- Person- there are three persons about which we can talk. Each can be singular or plural.

                                                Singular                                    Plural


            1st Person                     _____________                      _____________


            2nd Person                    _____________                      _____________


            3rd Person                     ________________                _____________


X. Circle the subject, underline the verb, and tell whether the verb is transitive or intransitive, and what person and number it is.

1. He took the lawyer to court.


2. Ancient Romans wore togas.


3. The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius buried three towns.


4. I waited by the stadium entrance.


5. Griffy slammed the ball out of the park.


6. Phelps trained hard for the Olympics.


7. You can’t run as fast as Michael Johnson.


Y. Tell whether these words are singular or plural.

1. we                singular                         plural

2. she               singular                         plural

3. you               singular                         plural

4. it                  singular                         plural

5. they             singular                         plural


Z. Tell whether these words are 1st, 2nd or 3rd person.

1. it                  1st                    2nd                    3rd       

2. I                   1st                    2nd                    3rd       

3. you               1st                    2nd                    3rd       

4. we                1st                    2nd                    3rd       

5. they              1st                    2nd                    3rd