"Mr. Ludwig's Latin I Worksheet Page"

Mr. Ludwig's Latin Worksheet Page

Salve! Welcome to my Latin worksheet webpage. Here are some worksheets and worksheet ideas that I have developed for teaching Latin I.
The worksheets are in web format, but you can either cut and paste them into a word document or print them directly from the web. Feel free to use anything that is helpful or to email me with corrections... (beediesbee@hotmail.com).
  • Some of these worksheets might still have typo's and as you can see, some of the catagories could use some more worksheets, so if you have a worksheet to share please send it to us!
  • These worksheet were developed to go along with a specific text (LFA I), but hopefully they can be helpful for the basic concepts in general.


General Verb Introduction, Introduction to the Conjugations, "Sum" forms
Conjugations 3rd Conj. worksheet, 4th Conj. worksheet, Introduction to the Conjugations
Future 1st Future and Practice, Future for 3rd Conj., 3rd Conj. Future Practice, Future for 3rd -io and 4th Conj.
Imperfect Imperfect Practice,
Perfect Perfect Grammar Intro., Sentences using Perfect tense
Pluperfect and
Pluperfect and Future Perfect Homework Sheet
Passive Active vs. Passive, Perfect Passive Participle Intro, Passive Participle Practice, Active&Passive Verb Forms, Perfect Passive Practice, Past&Fut. Perfect Passive Pract.,
Synopsis Synopsis Template Verticle (passive), Synopsis Template Horizontal


General Noun Declining worksheet, Noun Review
3rd Declension 3rd Declension Practice, 3rd Dec. and Passive Review
Datives Ablative&Dative Practice
Accusatives Adjective and Direct Obj. Practice,
Ablatives Ablative&Genitive Practice, Ablative&Dative Practice
PAIN words PAIN word Explanation


General Agreement of Adjective worksheet, Adjective and Direct Obj. Practice,
Substantives ?
PAIN words PAIN word Explanation

English to Latin Translation:

General Idiom practice
Lableling sentences... Diagraming sentences Exercise, Sentence Labeling 116, Sentence Labeling 122, Sentence Labeling 126, Sentence Labeling 150, Sentence Labeling 160, Sentence Labeling 194, Sentence Labeling 94, Sentence Labeling 30, Sentence Labeling 138, Future for 3rd -io and 4th Conj.

Review Worksheets:

General UnitIReview, 2ndQuarterMidReview, 4thQuarterEndReview, Self-Review (a good layout idea),
Specific -1st&2nd Declension and Present&Future Tense,
-Future&Imperfect, Adverbs, Questions,
-Derivatives and Latin roots,
-Nouns and Cases,
-Verb Formation and Practice,
-Passive Voice and 3rd Declension,

Story Worksheets:

These worksheets go along with stories in the specified areas of the textbook.

Story Questions Story Questions p. 81, Story Questions p. 92, Story Questions p. 97, Story Questions p. 112, Story Questions p. 129, Story Questions Lesson 29, Story Questions Lesson 30
Story Translations Story Help p. 76, Story Help p. 148, Story Help p. 157, Story Help Lesson 23, Story Help Lesson 24, Story Help Lesson 26, Story Help Lesson 27, Story Help Lesson 28, Incorrect Trans. of Spartacus Story (Les 16)


Here are some culture project explanations that I've tried. Most of these I have borrowed from other people.

Traditional Projects Roman Slaves and Families,
Power Point Projects Republic Figure Powerpoint, Republic Figure Grading Rubric., Passive Verb Powerpoint, Passive Verb Grading Rubric,


Misc. Fill in the Blanks for Textbook Intro., Idiom practice
Very Misc. Questions & Apposition & Conjunctions, Roman Names, Latin Notebook Table of Contents (example)

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