Subject:	 Bondageboy 1996
19 Hours by Bondageboy

     Jim and I met through the Internet.  He had read one of my
stories about the time I read one of his. We contacted each
other, and after several weeks, decided to get together Friday
night after work.  Jim had never experienced bondage, but loved
spanking.  I love bondage and tickling,  but have not been
paddled for awhile.  Jim was ticklish, but it didn't do much for
him.  It promised to be an interesting weekend.

     Jim had seemed a little disappointed when I had said that I
would just tie him up to see how he liked it, so I decided to
spice the first scene up a little.  I picked him up at a local
motel at 5:00 to go to my house.  I had Jim turn around in the
seat as soon as he got in, and cuffed his hands behind his back
with leather cuffs.  I was using my old pickup, so there was lots
of room to move around.  Then I made him get on the floor, so
that he wouldn't know the direction we were going.  After we
arrived at my house, I opened the door for him and made him walk
into the house still cuffed.

     I released Jim so he could go to the bathroom, while I got
my toy bag and spread a comfort on the floor.  When Jim came
back, I recuffed his hands after taking off his shirt, shoes and
socks.  I took off his sweats.  His cock was already rising to
the occasion.  He didn't dislike bondage, that's for sure.  After
cuffing his ankles, I had him lay on his stomach and preceded to
use rope to hog-tie him.  I then used a strip of towel to
blindfold him.

     Jim loved it. His 9" cock got rock hard.  As he rolled
himself back and forth on the comfort, I decided it was time to
warm his butt up.  I took a two foot ruler that Jim brought with
him and started to spank his left cheek, making it pink..  I did
the same for the right cheek.  I took a ping pong paddle to get 
the ass nice and red before getting the paddle out.  He took ten 
on each cheek, putting his ass on fire, before releasing him.

     I put a collar around his neck and tied each hand to a ring
on each side.  His ankles were still cuffed, and when I rolled
him onto his back, his cock was semi-hard.  I took a rubber band
and wrapped it twice around his cock and balls.  Jim's cock
immediately responded.  He had never had anything around his cock
before and was surprised on how hard his cock got.  I sat on him
and started to explore his body, seeing where all his ticklish
spots were.  I found them, but didn't tickle him too badly, since
his cock started to wilt as I tickled him. 

     I had Jim sit up facing the TV and tied his wrists to his
ankles.  I then put on a bondage "greatest hits" video that was
sent to me last year, letting Jim see some different bondage
positions and scenes.  About midway through, he had to take a
piss, so I untied him.  When he came back, I had him sit in a
wooden chair.  I tied his wrists behind him and strapped his arms
tightly to his body.  Then I tied his feet up, so that they could
not touch the floor.  His legs were spread, and I entertained
myself by slapping his cock back and forth with the ruler as he
watched the video.

     At 8:30, I released him.  Jim had been tied almost
continually for three hours and he wanted a break.  So Jim became
the top and started tying me up in the same positions.  He made a
couple of mistakes and left knots where I could reach them, but
always caught me before I could untie myself and retied me

     Around 11 PM, Jim did something different.  He tied me face
up, with my ankles tied to each end of the coffee table.  My
hands were tied to my collar.  He then sat on my chest and had me
start to lick his cock.  I played with the head of his cock for a
while,  licking all around it and sucking it.  Slowly, he offered
more and more of his cock.  My head was against the floor, and I
had to struggle to accommodate the invader in my mouth. 
After some time, he pulled out, untied my feet, retied me with 
my legs spread on my stomach this time, and proceeded to fuck the 
crack of my ass.  When he got hot enough, Jim then finished 
himself off.  I was then untied.

     I had said that one of us should be tied up all night, and I
had planned that it would be Jim.  However, he had just drank a
few beers as I was tied up and feared that he would have to go to
the bathroom a couple of times at night.  So, I got tied up.  Jim
locked my ankles together and cuffed my hands in front of me.  I
stayed that way until 6AM, when I woke up, rolled over and found
Jim's cock.  I started to play with it and he got hard quickly. 
Then Jim woke up..

                     19 Hours - The Paddling

         It was Jim's turn to be bottom again.  I moved an old
wooden barstool into the hallway while Jim put the ankle cuffs
on.  I cuffed his wrists in front of him and led Jim to the
stool.  I then tied the cuffs to the legs of the barstool.  Then
I bent Jim over the stool.  His hands came down to the last rung
of the stool.  I tied the cuffs to the rung, finishing the knot
on the rung above, so Jim could not reach it.  I then announced
that he was going to take 20 each with the ping pong paddle and
his wooden paddle.  I alternated paddles every 10 strokes, giving
him a break after the first 20 and then every few strokes
thereafter.  I took some ben gay and massaged it into his red
cheeks, rubbing it in deep.  His cock was hanging straight down
and I started to milk it, rubbing a light coat of ben gay that
was still on my hand into it.  After letting him rest for a few
minutes, I released Jim and we went back to the bedroom.

     I stretched him out on the bed and locked the ankle cuffs
together.  Then I took a long piece of rope and tied one end to
the wrist cuffs, pulling them down so his hands were over his
cock.  I ran the rope to the ankle cuffs, back to his hands, up
to a collar I had fastened around his neck, and back down to his
hands again effectively keeping his hands at his cock.  Jim was
playing with himself and getting hard.

     I rolled him over to his stomach, and his ass was sticking
up since Jim's hands were busy on the other end.  I got Jim's
paddle from the hallway and began to paddle his ass again as he
played with his cock.  He was humping and squirming all over. 
After another 40-50 whacks, I quit and rolled Jim back over.  I
gave him two minutes to cum.  It only took one.

     Now it was my turn.  Have you ever heard the phrase that
payback's a bitch.  I was soon to find that out.  Jim tied rope
to all four corners of my king size waterbed as I put on the
ankle cuffs.  He then put fist mitts on me, locking the mitts on,
and having me lay face down in the middle of the bed.  He then
proceeded to tie my right hand to one corner, then tied the left,
pulling tight so that arms were stretched to their limit.  He did
the same with my ankles.  When he did the left ankle, he pulled
me down the bed before tying the ankle.  He then tied a piece of
rope to me balls, and tied the other end to an object at the foot
of the bed.  Jim then put a leather mask on me,  already having
the blindfold and gag snapped in.  He tied it on tight.  My ass
was open and exposed and there wasn't anything I could do to
protect it.

     He took the ruler and methodically started to spank my ass. 
Then he used to pong paddle and his wooden paddle interchangeably.  
Jim then sat on my torso and started to paddle my ass like they 
were two red bongo drums, which it probably looked like to him.  
He paddled them as much as he wanted, as I was softly crying in 
my hood.  I can still feel my ass a day later.  Thanks Jim.

                     19 Hours - The Tickling

     I put the fist mitts on Jim and tied him spread eagle on the
waterbed.  Then I tied up his cock and balls, watching his cock
spring to life.  I put a leather mask on him and attached the
blindfold and gag to it.  As a final touch, I put clothespins on
his nipples.

     When we switched positions, the difference was that I had
some nasty tit clamps on and my balls were tied to the end of the
bed somewhere.  Both of us endured about 30 minutes of teasing.  

     I started by running my fingers up and down his bound feet,
drawing figure eights and circles, tickling all around his toes. 
I switched back and forth using a pencil and my fingers, playing
with his feet.  I started going up and down his legs, using a
light touch, to see how sensitive he was.  Jim wasn't making too
much noise at this, but when I got to his upper body, that
changed.  Jim's ribs were ticklish, and he squirmed in his
bondage.  When I attacked his pits, he broke out laughing.  I kept
going up and down his body, making sure his skin stayed
sensitized.  Whenever he got too quiet, I went back to his ribs
and pits.  Jim still does not like being tickled, but his cock
stayed hard.

     When Jim tickled me, he found a very ticklish spot on me. 
After tickling me enough to get me to laugh, it was all over. 
Every touch on any part of my body caused me to laugh.  When he
attacked my pits, I asked him to stop.  He did.  But only for a
few seconds and started tickling me again.  It took me several
minutes to stop laughing after the scene was over.