Subject:	 Bondageboy 1996
Too Curious by Bondageboy

     Rick and I had just finished our first session together,
playing for a couple of hours.  I had purposely not told Rick
that I was ticklish, since I wanted a different type of bondage
session from Saturday night, and I got it.  After releasing me, I
went over to the wall where Rick has a large collection of
bondage, s/m and gay magazines.  While browsing, I found a
magazine where a story of my frat pledging was published.  I
turned to it and gave it to Rick.

     Since I was free, I went into another room where a sling was
hooked to the ceiling on one end, and two chains came down from
the ceiling on the other.

     "What do you use these for"

     "I have a harness that goes on your arms and I can chain
people in various positions then."

     "Sounds cool!"

     "Stay there."

     Rick went out of the room and brought out the arm harnesses
and began to strap them to my arms.  The harness had three
straps.  The first was buckled around my left bicep.  The second
went just below my elbow, and the third around my wrist.  A ring
was at the top of the harness and he clipped it to the one chain.
My right arm was tied in a similar manner and clipped to the
other chain.  Rick then got several pieces of cord and started
tying the arms together behind my back.  He pulled and retied
several times, to make sure they were tight.  My shoulders were
pulled back, making my chest tight and sticking out.  He then got
a bandanna, had me open my mouth, put it between my teeth and
tied it around my head.  Rick then took off his jock and put it
over my face.  He came around me, grabbed my sore tits and

     "Are you ready for your initiation, pledge.  I think it's
time to warm that ass of yours up.  Don't go anywhere."

     Rick left the room for a few minutes as I hung from the
chains.  I hadn't expected this.  He came back into the room,
carrying several items.

     "Time for you to have a taste of the paddle.  I'm going to
give you 10.  Stick that ass out for me."

     WHACK . . .  WHACK . . .  WHACK
     He was hitting firm, but not too hard.
     WHACK  . . . WHACK . . . WHACK
     It was starting to sting.
     WHACK . . . WHACK
     I started to move around.

     That wasn't too bad.  I knew it would be sore for the ride
home though.  But Rick was far from through.

     "Let's see how the razor strap feels.  You ever been spanked
with one"

     "Enh enh"


     Rick was trying to hold me still as I was dancing around
pretty good.
     I was grunting with each blow.

     Rick rubbed his hands over my ass.  "It's starting to get
nice and warm.  I have to do something about those feet though." 
He went and got some ankle cuffs and locked my feet together.  He
then put a cock and ball harness on me, and hooked two 2 1/2
pound plates to my balls.  "That ought to hold you still, pledge.
Now let's see how much you like my belt!"

     "Mmmmmm" I moved my hands down reflexively.
     "MMMmmmmm"  That one caught my hand.

     "Let's get those hands out of the way, pledge."  He started
to move my hands up.  "Wait.  I have a better idea."

     Rick went and got two wrist cuffs.  He untied the cords that
held the harnesses, allowing me to relax my shoulders for the
first time in awhile.  Rick unbuckled the strap around my right
wrist, then locked the cuff on.  The other two straps were
undone.  Rick put a clip on the ring of the cuff and told me to
stand up on my toes.  He clipped the cuff as high on the chain as
he could.  The left wrist was likewise done.  I was completely
stretched out and there was no way I could put my heels on the

     "There, that's what a pledge should be.  Completely
accessible to his big brother."
Rick started to rub his hands up and down  my stretched sides.  I
jerked at his first touch.  Within seconds, I was starting to
laugh.  "What are you laughing for, pledge.  I guess you need to
get the paddle again!"

     "How many is that"
     I try to mumble the number six.
     "Did you say three?  Here's number four!"
     WHACK  "Five"
     The weights jingle with every hit.
     WHACK  "Six"
     WHACK  "Seven"
     WHACK  "Eight.  You know how the last two are!"

     Rick rubbed his hand over my sore ass.  "Now that's the way
a pledge's ass should always be.  Nice and hot."  Rick put down
the paddle and went to the other side of the room.  He came back
with (what I found out later were) a pair of drumsticks.  He
started  tapping my nipples with them.  "Maybe we should go on a
little road trip and I'll drop you off just like this.  Wouldn't
you be a sight; naked, with a red ass, my jock over your face,
hands cuffed behind you; you'll like that, wouldn't you."  As
Rick talked, he started running the drumsticks down the sides of
my body.  I about jumped out of my skin!  Rick continued to
torture my sides.

     "Mmmmhah hah hah hah hah hah hah."

     "What are you laughing at, pledge.  Do you find this
initiation funny?  Maybe the razor strap will change you

     "EMH UMH'

     "No!  Let's just find out!"  Rick picked up the strap with
his right hand and kept running that stupid drumstick up and down
my ribcage.

     "EMH heh heh heh heh"
     "How many was that."
     I hold up seven fingers.
     "TWO.  That sounds good."
     THWACK . . .  THWACK . . .  THWACK
     I stopped laughing.
     THWACK . . .  THWACK . . .  THWACK
     I was hanging limply from the chains.
     "You KNOW how the last two are, don't you?"

     Rick rubbed his hand over my ass.  "Hot!  You sure you don't
go to Alabama?  Your ass is their school color - crimson.  Wait a
minute.  Here's a spot that I missed!"
Rick released me from the chains, then locked my hands behind me.
He told me to kneel and place my chest over his lap.  The weights
on my balls now rested on the floor.  He proceeded to spank me,
and then informed me I was to take ten with the belt.  The first
eight stung, but weren't too bad.  Then he said again, "You know
about the last two, don't you?"

     "Emh hum."  Tears filled my eyes


     "NOW your ass looks good.  "You'll be feeling THAT for a
couple of days!"

     Rick was right.  It was still hot when I got back home a
couple of hours later.  I had forgotten what a good paddling felt
like.  I was still sore for work the next day, but my ass was
fine.   I wonder if I'm done the initiation.