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MORE NEW PHOTOS!! Jan. 2, 2006

Towards the end of WWII, the Luftwaffe had a mind-boggling quantity and variety of aircraft projects on the drawing boards. Among them, were the Me262 high-speed and interceptor models, some of which were actually built and tested.

1/48 scale models of these are only available as resin conversion kits. Here are a few that I have built(in 2004-2005):

1. The Me262 high-speed interceptor hybrid (HG-1 and Heimats)- Monogram kit with 2 Antares conversion kits combined.

(click on the thumbnail photos)

Notice the leading-edge inserts at the base, and swept back tail surfaces to permit higher speed flight.

Close-up showing rocket-propulsion system exhaust under the tail. This provided extremely high thrust, although only for a short amount of time. The drop tanks held the rocket propellents.

2. Me262 HGIII Nightfighter – Monogram fuselage, Antares wings/engine etc.

A progress shot, showing the various resin and styrene parts(click on the thumbnail photos)

For a step-by-step build-up, see this page:>

Building the Me262HG-III Nightfighter

Here's an odd one: a C-92 Czech fighter (Me262A-1a rebuilt) Tamiya kit in some strange markings... as depicted on the 1974 Blue Oyster Cult album, "Secret Treaties"

Me262A-1a remote assembly facility

(built 2003-2004)

Small display base with various accessories, various internal parts, and both engines exposed. (click on the thumbnail photos)

Rear quarter view

Numerous detail parts and sets were used here, include fuel tanks, engine nacelle sections, and a complete Junkers Jumo 004a engine on a trolley. Kits used: DML Me262A Nachtjager; Aires Jumo engine kit; CMK Jumo engine kit; Verlinden Me262 Detail set; Verlinden Luftwaffe starter cart; Tamiya "Clear" Me262 (engine trolley); misc. crew and pilot figures(Priesner, DML, Hasegawa). The base is scratchbuilt with Heki grass matt and coffee-stir sticks, misc. natural materiales for trees. It also has a clear acrylic cover.

Me262 Mistel


Another desperate late-war project for offensive bombing, was the "Mistel" program. The "Mistelen" were combinations of two aircraft, one being the "mother ship", the other being an un-manned flying bomb. The Me262 Mistel composite was on the drawing boards, but apparently never really built. Here is a 1/48 scale model: atop is a pathfinder/bomber(DML 2-seat "schnellbomber" kit), the bottom a remote controlled flying bomb(Monogram kit, modified); the trolley is modified from 1/72 scale DML Mistel trolley.

A "line-up" view of my Me262 collection in 1/48 scale from October, 2002.

Click on the thumbnail for another photo of my collection....

My collection of Me262 models in 1/48 scale began in 1992 when we moved to La Romana, Dominican Republic: at that time I built a Monogram kit and got interested in dioramas. Then I discovered Trimaster and DML kits through mail order. And aftermarket photo-etch; and resin; and so on... Since these collecion photos, I have built a half a dozen more, so I need to do another photo.

INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS: (3 Recent models are shown first-late 2002)

The Me262A-2a Tamiya kit, new in 2002 (see the "How to..." page for a complete review).

(click on the thumbnail photos for better view)

Me262A-1a "Black 4" of JG7------------- Me262A-1a/U3 Reconnaissance---

Monogram 1/48 kit, decals --------------Dragon kit, w/ scratchbuilt cameras ----

Me262 B-1a/U1 Nightfighter, DML 1/48 scale model

Me262A-1a Nightfighter "V 056" -------------------- Me262A-1a "Green 1" of III/JG7 ---------

Both Trimaster 1/48 kits ---------------(Green 1 has Cutting Edge decals)

Click on the thumbnail.... to see "Green One" on it's diorama base...

Me262B-2a/U2 two seater bomber --------------------- Me262A-2a of KG51 --------------

Trimaster 1/48 kit ------------------------------- DML 1/48 "Jabo" kit --------

Click on the thumbnails for more photos....

Me262A-1a Yellow 3 - Revell(Germany) kit with Experten Decals, "in-flight" mode, showing the clean lines and menacing appearance of the Schwable.

The Me262A-1a/U4 "Polkzerstorer" (pack destroyer) with one 50mm cannon. (Trimaster/DML kit, 1/48 scale)

Me262 A-1a "Yellow 7" of III/JG7--------------- Me262 B-1a trainer "White 35"---

Monogram 1/48 scale model-------------- - Monogram kit w/ Arba conversion

Gotcha! This is not a model, it is the real thing, as seen on outdoor display at Willow Grove Naval Air Station, Pennsylvania, @ 1976.

I went to High school near here, and was captivated by the striking design of this airplane, and have been interested in it ever since.

This plane has since been rebuilt restored to it's original confirguration, colors and markings, and returned to an indoor display at WGNAS, under the managment of the Delaware Valley Historic Aircraft Association. (see their web site at: DVHAA

The WGNAS plane was used as a pattern for the "Me262 Project", which tore the plane apart and replicated, piece by piece, the whole thing, and has built five modern replicas. Here is one in flight:

See this page The Me262 Project

My Me262 collection in 1/48 scale (completed kits)

1. Me262 A-1a Schwalbe “Yellow 4" I/JG7 Monogram kit

2. Me262 A-1a Nachtjager V 056 Trimaster kit

3. Me262 A-1a/U4 Polkzerstörer V 083 Trimaster/DML

4. Me262 A-2a/U2 Schnelbomber V 555 Trimaster

5. Me262 B-1a Trainer “White 35" EKG 1 ARBA/Monogram

6. Me262 B-1a/U-1 Nachtjager “Red 10" III/NJG 11 DML

7. Me262 A-2a Sturmvogel of KG 51 DML

8. Me262 A-1a “Green 1" III/JG7, mortar armed Trimaster

9. Me262 A-1a “Yellow 7" III/JG7 Monogram

10. Me262 A-1a “Black 4" JG7 Monogram

11. Me262 A-1a Yellow 3 In flight Revell(Germany)

12. Me262 A-1a/U3 Photo-Recon Dragon

13. Me262A-2a Sturmvogel – Tamiya FTB (some scratchbuilt detail

14. Me262A-1a - “Green 3" - DML “Nachtjager” kit, engines exposed on display base

15. Me262 Mistel - DML “schnellbomber” & Monogram drone, scratchbuilt trolley; on Mistel diorama

16. Me262 HGIII Nightfighter – Monogram fuselage, Antares wings/engine etc.

17. C-92 Czech fighter (Me262A-1a rebuilt) Tamiya kit

18. Me262 HGI hybrid - Monogram kit with Antares HG & Heimats kits

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