MA-1 Focke Wulf Fw190D-9 "Dora"

MA-2 Fw190D-12

MA-3 Heinkel He162A-2 w/ engine

MA-4 He162 A-2 w/o enigine

MA-5 Fw190F-8

MA-6 Fw190A-8

MA-7 Fw190A-8/R11 Nachtjager

MA-8 Fw190A-8 Rammjager

MA-9 Focke Wulf Ta152H-1

MA-10 Messerschmitt Me262A-1a/U4 Polkzerstorer w/ 50mm cannon

MA-11 Me262A-2a/U2 Schnellbomber w/ clear nose

MA-12 Me262A-1a Jabo

MA-13 Me163B-1a Komet

MA-14 Me163S 2 seat trainer

MA-15 Fw190D-12 w/ Torpedo

MA-16 Me262A-1a Nachtjager (single seat)

MAZ6800 Ta152C-0

All models feature: Highly detailed plastic injection molding w/ recessed panel lines, detailed interiors, good decals and instructions plus additional parts: White metal, stainless steel photo-etch, vinyl tires.

Disadvantages: high price, Out of Production(many re-releases, but with changes and fewer additional parts), poor fit on many of the kits' main assemblies(which can be remedied with some careful work- see reviews on the "How-To" pages).


Availability: eBay, Great Models, etc. 1