hey whats up. i'm at home right now, very bored, and listening to music. very entertaining.... hmm... ppl need to get online. grr to them. well, anyway, lets see...i just got back from a trip to reno, yay, lotsa fun. didn't get to snowboard though, o well, i'll just have to make another trip down there...bummer...heeheehee. sorry, lol, the lack of sleep is getting to me. well, i really don't know what i should type here. welcome to my site. have fun. i'll update bunches of stuff later, and i suppose i can add a pic of me up here too. maybe later. i don't feel like doing it right now. well, gotta go, i'll wb later, bye

i got this background at

if u wanna write me, send something, or if you're on neopets, my username is delduwath (but i almost never get on anyway)

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