FI01  A separate peace - John Knowles
FI02  Aeneid, The - Virgil
FI03  All the things wise and wonderful - Janes   
FI04  American dream, The - Edward Albee
FI05  Black sun, The - Ricardo Mora
FI06  Born to die in Medellin - Alonso Salazar
FI07  Ceremony - Leslie Marmon Silko
FI08  Death of Artemio Cruz, The - Carlos Fuentes
FI09  Don lito of El Salvador - Maria Lopez Vigil
FI10  God's bites of wood - Sembene Ousmane
FI11  God's country and mine - Jacques Barzun
FI12  Home place, The - Dorothy Thomas
FI13  Illusions - Richard Bach
FI14  Manuela: La caballeresa del sol - Malta
FI15  Nigger of the "narcissus", The - Joseph
FI16  Otro canto - Ana Castillo
FI17  Pilgrim at tinker creek - Annie Dillard
FI18  Prisioner without a name, cell without a
        number - Jacobo Timerman
FI19  Return of the native, The - Thomas Hard
NF01  Children of the mile - Octavio Paz
NF02  Classic film scripts - M. Fritzlang
NF03  Crime and criminals - Jack Fraenkel   
NF04  Discoveries and opinions of Galileo - Stillman
NF05  Emotional blocks to learning - Irving Harris
NF06  Frontier in American literature, The - Durham
          and Jones
NF07  Intimacy - Henri J.M. Nouven
NF08  Karate Kata Heian 4 - M. Nakayama
NF09  Key to your survival and prosperity, The - Ben           Ferencz
NF10  Law school. will I like it? - Arthur G. KroosIII
NF11  Notes from underground poor people the  
          friend of the family - Dostoyevsky
NF12  On the art of the No Drama - Rimer and
NF13  Phenomenon of death, The - Edith
NF14  Responsability of the press, The - Gerald
NF15  Rising voices - Al Martinez
NF16  Seed to civilization - Charles B. Heiser
NF17  Segregation in residential areas - National
          Academy of Sciences
NF18  Tally's corner - Elliot Liebow
NF19  Ways of seeing - John Berger
ET01  A history of the american people - Graebner,
          Fite, White
ET02  American west, The - Robert V. Hine
ET03  Bronze screen, The - Rosa Fregoso
ET04  Cheyenne and arapahoo ordeal, The - Donald
ET05  Chicano and film - Chon Noriega
ET06  Custer to die for your sins - Vine Deloria Jr.
ET07  East Los Angeles - Ricardo Romo
ET08  I will fight no more forever - Merrill Beal
ET09  Indian tipi, The - Reginald and Laubin
ET10  Journal of Chicano Research, Sum.Fall.1978
ET11  Journal of Chicano Research, Winter 1976-77
ET12  Last days of the Sioux nation, The - Robert M.           Utley
ET13  Latino/Hispanic liaisons and visions for human
          behavior in the social environment - Torres
ET14  Long death: The last days of the plains Indians,           The - Ralph Andrist
ET15  Lydia Mendoza's life in Music - Yolanda
          Broyles - Gonzalez
ET16  Miraculous day of Amalia Gomez, The - John 
ET17  Primal mind, The - Jamake Highwater
ET18  Return to Aztlan - Masscy, Alarcon, Durand
ET19  Revista chicana - Summer 1983
ET20  Spanish and Mexican records of the American
          Southwest - Henry Beers
ET21  Spirit of native America, The - Anna Walters
ET22  Thrown among strangers - Douglas Monroy
LA01  Agrarian question and reformism in Latin America, The - Alain de Janvry
LA02  Agrarian reform in Latin America
LA03  Area handbook of Chile - 1969
LA04  Area handbook for Ecuador
LA05  Area handbook for Guatemala - 1970
LA06  Area handbook for Dominican Republic - 1966
LA07  Area handbook for Uruguay - 1971
LA08  Area handbook for Venezuela
LA09  Buenos Aires - Ross and McGrann
LA10  Catholicism and political development in Latin
          America - Turner
LA11  Chile 1970-1973
LA12  Course of Mexican history, The - Meyer and
LA13  Economic growth and social equity in
          developing countries - Adelman
LA14  Independence of Latin America, The - Leslie
LA15  Luso-Brazilian review - Winter 1990
LA16  Moorish Spain - Richard Fletcher
LA17  Peasants of Costa Rica - Mitchell Seligson
LA18  Place matters: Metropolis for the twenty-first
          century - Dreier, Mollenkopf, Swanstrom
LA19  Puerto Rican experience, the
LA20  Spain 1469 - 1714 - Henry Kamen
LA21  Uruguay: Poder, ideologia y clases sociales
LA22  World economic survey 1991-1992 - United