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Confederate Monument in Boydton, Virginia



Our Monument is an interesting piece of Mecklenburg’s history.  It has a unique story that needs to be told so that the Citizens of Mecklenburg County will understand the importance the Confederate Veterans placed in having it erected. 

The L. A. Armistead Camp #26, Confederate Veterans, erected the granite base of the Monument in 1899.  These old soldiers had a dream and decided to fulfill it.  At a cost of about $650.00 the stone was placed on the Courthouse lawn.  Not satisfied with just a granite Monument these men began a fund raising drive that lasted nearly ten years and ended with the purchase of the bronze statue that is located on top of the granite still here today.  The community people all pulled together and had many fund raising events but the original $400.00 needed for the statue turned into $2,000.00.  In the course of ten years inflation raised the price of the sculpture that much. 

After a long struggle to erect the Monument one piece at a time it was finally unveiled before an immense concourse of people.  There were three young girls, descendants of Confederate Veterans, invited to unveil the statue.  One of these girls was Virginia M. Goode granddaughter of Colonel Thomas F. Goode.  On August 7, 1908 the twenty-foot high Monument was unveiled and it has not been changed since, with the exception of, the direction in which the bronze statue faced.

The second part of this story is also unique.  There is an article in an old edition of the “Confederate Veteran” Magazine (see below) that states a Private Jonathan W. Bowen, a one armed Veteran, climbed a ladder and was photographed for posterity by the artist that created the Statue.  Private Bowen was a resident of Mecklenburg County living in the La Crosse area.  He is buried in the Smith/Cook family cemetery.  Until recently he did not have a military marker but on July 21,2002 our Camp held a marker dedication for Private John Wesley Bowen

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Monument Rededication

On Saturday November 2nd 2002 our Camp held the rededication of the restored Confederate Monument.  The program began at 10 am with a living history encampment display.  At 11 am Mr. Stan Clardy and his wife Kathy provided us with music and entertainment.  Stan’s songs and programs were truly inspirational.   The Old Brunswick Camp 512 cooked a Brunswick stew and fed the crowd.  At 1 pm Sgt Major Eddie Willard and the regimental fifes and drums performed a drum and fife program that is probably still echoing in the streets of Boydton.

The rededication ceremony began at 2:30 pm with guest speakers, Mr. Bill Blalock, Senator Frank Ruff, Commander Red Barbour, Commander Russell Darden, Mr. Fred Taylor and Dr. David Black.  Mr. Stan Clardy performed a couple of musical numbers as did  the Lake Country Chorale.  An assortment of re-enactors fired a musket volley across the courtyard.  Taps was played by Ms. Melanie Hazlewood and Mr. Nathan Black at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Our Camp would like to extend a very heart felt thanks to all that played a part in our rededication.  Without the assistance of these fine Southern sons and daughters it would not have been possible or as pleasant.  We would also like to thank those that came out to celebrate and those that made donations to the restoration.

Mecklenburg residents showed this County how much our Monument means to us, this was shown in how much was raised and in the short amount of time in which it was completed.

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