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Welcome the mission of Scout Research is to explore, gather information, study in detail & report on the year around outdoor recreation opportunities in Mecosta County & Michigan.

This is done through exploration, information gathering, study, observation & participation. These opportunities include, hiking, biking, camping, swimming, fishing, hunting, & snowshoeing.

I consider myself an Amateur Sportsman, I am licensed to fish, hunt & trap in MI. I spend as much time as possible engaged in outdoor recreation activities year around providing me the opportunity to Scout Research.

If you are interested in local online information please use the links on the right side of the screen.

Should you know of an upcoming outdoor activity you can e-mail

Karl K Wilcox
Scout Research

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Public Notice

Anglers & Hunters in Michigan have the right to enjoy their sports free from deliberate interference. Individuals whose fishing or hunting is being obstructed should promptly report the violation to a local conservation officer, the nearest DNR Operations Service Center or by calling 1-800-292-7800
Complaints can also be submitted online at

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