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Bruce Campbell from EVIL DEAD(and EVIL DEAD II and ARMY of DARKNESS) otherwise known as "Ash"! I get a kick out of all three movies. This guy is the reason I got hooked on  Xena: Warrior Princess, where he occassionally plays Autolycus, King of Thieves (among his other roles behind the scenes).

  I no longer watch much television, but I am capable of spending many hours in virtual thrall to the internet.

Southpark! rots yer brain

 And check out my  Pug Page

 It is not about dogs...

Some Links I like:

The Runic Journey
an exploration of Norse Runes

Lark in the Morning
a great catalogue for eclectic musicians

Charles de Lint
The official site of my favorite, Ottawa-based writer of urban fantasy

the World of Froud
Dedicated to the art of Brian and Wendy Froud

Terri Windling's Endicott Studio
The Endicott Studio was founded by Terri Windling in 1987 to promote Mythic Arts (contemporary art and literature rooted in folklore and myth), which are part of the broader movement of Interstitial Arts (literary, visual, and performance arts that blur or abolish the boundaries drawn between genres and art disciplines).

Rocky Horror

Royal Miliary College of Canada
    where I received my computer engineering degree!

Active Matrix's Hideaway

Mike's page My Brother's new site

Medago Studios A small site for a budding web designer.