International Medical Anthropology Page
Lucia M. Tanassi, University of Cambridge, Social Anthropology  Dpt., England UK
This page was created to diffuse information  about people,  events and developments relevant to medical anthropologists, medical sociologists, social epidemiologists or anyone interested in cross-cultural medicine and more generally issues relating to social medicine.
Interesting  Bibliography
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Living and Working with New Medical Technologies: Intersections of Inquiry
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Illness and Culture in the Postmodern Age

David B. Morris (2000)

Anthropological Theory Today
Henrietta Moore (ed.s) (2000)

The Antropology of Medicine
Lola Romanucci-Ross and Daniel E. Moerman (1997)

The cultural context of Health Illness and Medicine
Martha O. Loustanau and Elisa J. Sobo (1997)
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