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Food Allergies:
Most people know very little about food allergies until they, or some they know develops them. If left untreated, food allergies can cause a range of unpleasant side effects and can lead to anaphylactic shock. Most allergic reactions are unpredictable, which means that someone with food allergies should always be prepared for a severe reaction. It is very important that not only should anyone with food allergies learn to identify and avoid allergens, but that their support network (family & friends) also know how to help prevent and respond to allergic reactions.

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Now there is a place for individuals with soy allergies to share what they have learned about this ever-present allergen.  Share your recipes and favorite snacks while you learn more about soy ingredients & managing a safe & soy-free life.  Join us by clicking Soy Allergy Support Forum.

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Food Allergies

Treating Anaphylaxic Reations: Twinject

Treating Anaphylactic Reactions: Epi-Pen

* Manufacturers also recommend to gently massage the injection site after epinephrine has been administered.


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