Medical Forensic Consulting
Free medical consulting (bilingual)
and economical reviews, reports, affidavits, and locating testifying experts
Summary of consulting work:
Physician available to speak by phone free of charge regarding questions your office has pertaining to nursing home, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or PI cases. In addition, for an economical fee: review medical records*** (merit, causation), author a report, affidavit or locate an expert to testify in medical malpractice, wrongful death, nursing home or PI cases in any area of medicine.  Your office will initiate contact with the expert (email or phone). The expert will not have been referred to your office. Also, "office call" (see below) and jury selection consulting available.

*** Include informal (no reference to a case or names) discussions with a physician (any speciality), hospitalist, podiatrist, nurse, dentist, technician, nurse practitioner, physician assitant, office and hospital administrator, other, as indicated, of issues peraining to merit, causation.
No billing statement incurred to file for said informal discussions.

       I am a board-certified, actively practicing physician, medically trained in part at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, medical school faculty appointment and trial testimoney experience for plaintiff and defense with excellent attorney references. My medical expert work is limited to my areas of certification in medicine. My medical (forensic) consulting work spans all area of medicine for:

             1. Medical Malpractice;
2. Wrongful death;
3. Nursing home neglect; and,
4. Personal injury, with:
A. Free Discussion: And also,
for an economic, flat retainer fee:
    B. Document review and discussion of            merit, causation, case questions;
   C. Report or affidavit;
   D. Expert (for testimony) locating of a physician (any specialty), podiatrist, chiropractor, nurse, dentist, technician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, office and hospital administrator, other:
  E. Intake and screening in English and Spanish: I speak with your client (English or Spanish) then provide to your office via email a case summary, opinion of merit, causation in English); and,
      F. Jury selection consulting.

My medical consulting is:

1. Economical (modest, flat fee stated up-front for all work);
2. Efficient and timely; and,
3. Valuable.
I am available to make an "office call" whereby I visit your office for one or more days to process any number of cases. Flat fee per case. You do not need to duplicate medical records for this work.

                                                Paul Warshawsky, M.D.