Infinite Possibilities Counseling Services, Inc.
Lindy L. Bixler, M.S.
Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner
Medical Family Therapist Certification
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Adv.

EMDR, Adv.
5561 South 48th Suite 232B
Lincoln Nebraska 68516
Phone:  402-429-88
Healing begins with honest  self-analysis

Medical:  I Work with Individuals who have life-altering medical issues. including chronic pain,  injuries,      debilitating illnesses, stroke, ALS, MS, etc.  Frequently the client's family is included in therapy.   Coordination of therapy services with the client's other medical treatment providers is encouraged.

* Anxiety     *   Depression      * EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy        *  Trauma      *  Lifestyle Change
What is a Medical Family Therapist?
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