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My name is Jenifer Goodson and I am 32 years old.  I have been married 8 years.  I am a paramedic and my husband is a police officer.  We live in Missouri and are very happy in our lives.  About a year after we got married we decided it was time to have a child.  After 3 years of trying, the trials and tribulations of fertility testing began.  We found out we are both infertile.  During this time our marraige was tested emotionally and physically.  I kept asking myself, "Why?".  The only logical answer I could think of was we were meant to help other children.  There were several options.  Adoption, sperm donors, IVF, foster care, or just not having kids.  The last was not even an option for me,  I love kids.  So after a few years, we decided on foster care in hopes of adoption.  Why?, you might ask.  Money.  As much as I love children, I was not willing to go into debt through a private agency.  So after foster care training, fingerprinting, and background checks, we became foster parents in May 2005.  We had a few kids come into our home, but on September 3rd I got my wish.  I received a call for a newborn baby boy.  We picked him up on September 5th, and we still have him.  We are currently going through the adoption process and hope to finalize the end of April or May.  I won't believe it until that day comes, but I cross my fingers and we have lots of support.  So, I hope through sharing my story, there are others that would like to share theirs.  After all, the emotional rollercoaster we go up and down, is worth some support from others like us.
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