Medicine Wolf's Handcrafted Flutes  










"I received the calling of making flutes as a young child. After watching my grandfathers make flutes I became interested in the art of making flutes. I enjoyed the sound that they made, the happiness they brought to other people, and most of all the happiness they brought to me. For hundreds of years, the hand-crafted Native American flute has been a big part in all of Native American's lives. It has been used in ceremonies, it has also been used by native Americans as a way of praying, talking to the creator.  The Native American flute is NOT a hard instrument to play. The best way to play a Native American flute is to play from the heart. The Native American flute has also been used to put children to sleep and to help soothe an angry baby who has been crying. There's something about the soft, gentle sound the flute makes when you play from the heart that helps to soothe a small child."

"All of my flutes are handmade.  I do not use any machinery. Also the varnish I use is a food product base so it's safe. All of the holes are burned in NOT drilled in. I make my flutes the same way my grandfathers did. The art of making flutes was taught to me by my grand fathers, and my kits are made the same way all of my flutes are made." - Daniel Bell a.k.a. Medicine Wolf



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