As explained by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


In Rishikesh there was a choultry by the name 'Kali Kamliwala'. It was a tradition in those days to feed all those who came there. One Sannyasi got a wheat bread and since he could not find any place, went to the river Ganga and sitting on a rock, began to partake of the same. In this manner, he spent some years using the rock as his dining place. As it happened, a relation developed between him and the rock. On a particular day by the time he could procure alms, it became later than usual. Meanwhile some other Sannyasi got his alms and sat at that rock to have his meal. The older Sannyasi got his wheat bread and came to the rock. He began to have an argument - "Ai! This is my rock; you go somewhere else." They both began to have a duel. At that place, there was a saint by the name Satchidanandam. He came and enquired of the quarrelling Sannyasins as to the reason for their fight. When he became aware of the reason, he admonished them saying - "You have left behind your wives, children, parents, relatives and shaved your head and swore to lead a life of mendicancy. Now due to your attachment, you have developed anger between yourselves." Similarly, you have all come here leaving behind many things for education and Swami. Why develop unnecessary contacts? Maintain a relation akin to "Hello! Hello; How are you? Good-bye! Good-bye."

There is another incident that took place at Rishikesh. One person went from Mysore state and became a Sannyasin at Rishikesh. About 6 kms from Rishikesh is a famous cave known as 'Vasishta's cave'. Purushottamananda used to do penance there. It was near Ganges and the air was cool and serene and the area was dense with shade bestowing trees. That Sannyasi (one who came from Mysore) used to meditate under the tree and live by eating whatever bread was given to him. One day, a tourist bus came from Karnataka state. They also came to see 'Vasishta cave' and later were sitting under a tree talking. The Sannyasin who was meditating, heard them speak in Kannada. A little attachment towards the language sprouted in him. He left meditation and began to converse with them in Kannada. They told him that they came from Bangalore District. "Which village do you come from?" asked the Sannyasin who was influenced by the attachment to his own street. They said that they were in the street of Rama's temple. Affected by the attachment to his house, he asked them as to what was their house number. They said that their house number was 11. He asked the troupe if they knew his father who was in the house numbered 12. Body attachment prevailed. They said that his father passed away 3 months previously. The Sannyasin began to weep.

Why should the Sannyasin leave his meditation in the first place and enquire of the tourists various details? This attachment caused all the sorrow. It is only when you leave all responsibilities can your meditation progress. Sometimes the varied nature of Nature attracts. One should never succumb to the temptations.

To arouse Kundalini and sit in meditation is very difficult. The easiest path is pure love. No meditation can surpass/equal this.

We want to prepare Sambar. We got fresh vegetables from Bangalore in the morning. We got fresh tamarind, white, spotless salt and impeccable Dal also was procured. The cook is an exceptionally skilled one. We have made Sambar. But when it was served, it turned out to be poison. Reason? None of the ingredients were faulty nor was the cook. The vessel in which it was cooked was not clean!

Similarly, we do meditation, Bhajans - in fact we even swing during Bhajans but we are far away from obtaining peace. This is because we do not have the unsullied love in our hearts. Many wonder as to why they have not obtained peace in spite of doing meditation and Bhajans etc. It is because they have not cleaned their hearts with pure love.

Another example. There is a mango tree. Hundreds of ripe and unripe mangos are present. You water it and put manure also. All of a sudden, one fine morning, the tree looks dried-up, what is the reason? Have you not given water and manure? What is the reason for a tree which was resplendently green the previous day to look lack-lustre the very next day? The roots have been eaten away by the pests! Similarly, we may be doing meditation, chanting rosary and attending Bhajans externally; but wicked qualities might be gnawing at the heart.

Therefore, send away wicked qualities; fill yourself with virtues; and develop love. Meditation is not something of a pose given for a photographer. It is not for others. It is for one's own self. There are certain cautions that are to be observed in this regard.

One should be seated on a plank at least 1/2 inch above the ground. On top of this, skin of an animal - preferably a docile and pure - satvic animal - deer is to be spread. In order to prevent the deer hair causing irritation, a thin cloth is advised to be spread over it. All these to be done so as not to cause any disturbance to our meditation. If kundalini were to really begin rising, the earth would pull it downward. To avoid this and to avoid any shock, this plank is put. In this manner the ancients have experienced and expressed it to us.


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