As explained by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Instead of going for meditation and spoiling your mind, it is better you create the form you are interested in, put that picture in front of you and observe carefully. While observing deeply, close your eyes. Now, begin to paint the form that you have seen, in your mind's eye. Then your mind would be totally enveloped in the form. Gradually even when you open your eyes, you begin to see the form everywhere. That is manifestation - Sakshatkara. This does not happen if you were to do it once in a while. You should daily do this both morning, evening and at all other times also. Then you begin to see the form spreading itself in all limbs and all bodies.

Most importantly, youth's mind is most wavering. During the day the youth must spend time reading class books and assimilating them. The reason being that mind will not enter unnecessary avenues when it has a lot of work to do. We must attach ourselves to work so as to deprive mind from associating itself with outside world. Both morning and evening let the mind be immersed in Dhyana/Meditation in the aforesaid manner. Meditation is a path of obtaining sanctity. It is a process of obtaining unity; a path of experiencing divinity. Your mind must merge in the Lord just as a river merges into the ocean. Then mind as such does not exist. Then you become beyond mind. The river has a form, name and taste before merging into the ocean. After merging, it loses all such identities. This has been conveyed by Ramadas in a song form:

"There is a fortress of seven boundaries. In the fort there is a garden - one of worldly desires. If you want to find the path through the garden, sing the name of the Lord Rama. The whole Kingdom will be filled with light."

The boundaries referred to are the seven nerve-centres/chakras. This song was heard by Lord Rama. He replied:

"The essence is like oil. The Truth is like wick. When the light fades away, neither the oil nor the wick follow it. They stay there itself."

Then Ramadas got a doubt "The support is the tree and the grip is another branch of the tree. If the basis/support is left in the hope of relying on the strength of the branch and the branch also breaks then salvation is imminent."

Here, the basis is the worldly desires and the branch which would break is the society in which you live. If you leave the desires and if the world/society shuns you, you are bound to attain salvation. You need the society as long as you have not understood the true reality. Therefore, one needs firewood only as long as the cooking is being done. One does not need firewood after the food has been cooked.

Veda, Shastra, Purana, Itihasa etc. are essential only as long as one has not understood oneself. After one has realised oneself, all these become unnecessary. Hence, it is not possible to renounce/detach oneself from the society unless one has realised oneself. You have to realise yourself by living in the world. Some creatures like caterpillar, crawling from one leaf to another. In the process, it catches the leaf it would like to go to and then release the leaf it has been on. It does not leave the base before catching/obtaining the support. Similarly, we should leave world after obtaining divinity and not before. Otherwise, we would have lost both the worlds.

Do not be carried away by the term Meditation. It is not something that one does by sitting for a couple minutes or hours. It should be always at all places (the contemplation on the Lord). It should not pertain only to Mandir/meditation room. Wherever one goes, be it market or classes, one should be totally absorbed. We should be totally sacred in our feelings. This is possible only through the path of love. Speak lovingly to all people. Even such a speech should be in moderation. This is because mind begins to change as words become many.

One sage came from the Himalayas and declared that he had conquered anger. He met his friends and told them that he was totally at peace and that he had no anger in him at all. One came and asked him - "Sir! Have you conquered anger?" "Yes! I have controlled" came the guarded reply. That person reiterated, "Sir! You of all the people! Have you really conquered anger?" "Yes, it is true" came the gruff reply. "What sir! It is really impossible to believe. How could you conquer anger?" Asked the man for the third time. "Ai! Can't you understand when I have said so?" Came the hot reply. "Sir! When this is the case, how could you have conquered anger?", asked the man for the fourth time. "Are you out of your senses? I told you that I have conquered". So, while saying that he had conquered anger, due to repetition of words, he lost control over anger. If words were not expressed, anger might cooled down. But as he expressed them, anger grew. Due to lack of patience, anger emanates. There is no other remedy for anger. Only cultivation of patience is the answer.


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