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13th September 2005
Added: 3 new members, Welcome Rebecca, Caroline-Anne and Resi!
Have you been to www.westlife.com lately?! Its had a bit of a face lift and has news about the new single and album! Can't wait to hear them! Its been too long without some proper Westlife power balladry! :P ~xXx~
4th August 2005
Added: 3 new members, Welcome Alan, Gemma and Julia!
I've just come back from a fabulous holiday in the Canary Islands! I hope you are enjoying your summer and that the weather is being kind to you! ~xXx~
5th July 2005
Added: 2 new members, Welcome Inger and Laura!
Well, we've been online for just over a year now and I am pleased to welcome our 61st member! Thank you all for joining and showing your support and appreciation for the Westlife medleys. You are all beautiful people! ~xXx~