Golden Gecko Care & Info

I would like to point out I am putting this page together as a help to other owners and peopel interested in getting Goldens as pets. There doesn't seem to be any care sheets for this species, so I am writing one. I would also like to point out that I know nothing of what these guys really need and am writing this 100% by what I have been told by others, and what I have learned from books, so if you see any bad info here tell me, Thanks Rob Mc.



Their scientific name is Gekko ulikovskii. They are native to nothern Asia specifically Vietnam and probably Laos and Campuchea. They are closely related to Tokays, skunks and marbled geckos( all "gekko" genus)." These Geckos are usually about 6-8 inches with males usually being slightly larger than the females. They are aboreal (tree climbers) and mostly nocturnal but will come out in the daytime to eat or bask.

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Reptilia
  • Order: Squamata
  • Family: Gekonidae
  • Genus Gekko
  • Species: Gekko Ulikovskii
  • Housing:

    . I would use a at least a 20 gallon or larger vertically oriented tank as they are aboreal. I have my pair in a 25 gallon tank. Humidity should be kept around 75-80 %. Temperature should be from 80- 85 during the day and slightly cooler at night but above 70. You should try to have a warm section and a cooler section of your enclosure so they can regulate their own body heat some. I have a under tank heat mat which is on all the time and a heat lamp which is on from 8am until 8pm.


    These lizards eat crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and also ocasionally soft fruits, like banana or ripe peaches. They also seem to like baby food also, I stick to fruits like peaches bananas and apples be sure get the all natural stuff no perservatives or chemicals.


    Generally they do not care to be handled much. Mine will run up my arm if I pick them up and sort of hang out on my neck, I thik they like the warmth. This will usually last only a few minutes and they will try to take off. They seem perfetly happy in their cage and are some what skittish so I generally just leave them alone. Some can be nasty and may bite, but I have not heard of this happening with goldens


    Can't help you here yet.

    Here is some info on breeding that I have observed with my Goldens.  I am not sure of the mating season but they mated sometime before Jan 18 (that is when the egg was laid).  Then they mated again about 2 months ago.  On Sat March 17 2 eggs were laid (but did not survive the day).  Now they seem to be mating again.  When a Golden is mating the female seems to call the male to her.  It is a weird kind of noise almost like a monkey screaming.  You have to hear it to understand.  - from a friend.


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    I will be updating this info as I learn more about these guys.
    Please help out send your info to me.
    Thanks Rob Mc.