Brief Introduction of National Movement

Author: Dr. Meer Alam Mari


   Dr. Meer Alam Mari, Chairman, Jeay Sindh Study Circle Sindh and the Chairman, Nationalist Academy. He served for the cause of national liberation of Sindh from 1986 actively, till now. He is a Medical Graduate and Political Analyzer/Columnist.

*  Sindh is in extreme North of Asia and coastal country of Arabian sea which due to geographical situation maintains contacts with countries for through the routes of sea and earth as well, as such Sindh has got remarkable commercial, political and military importance.

*  Since the decade of 1960 till the last breath of Mr. G M Syed, he has mostly been penning and publishing his experiences, observations and thoughts. In other words, Syed strengthened the ideological and political basis of national movement of liberation.

*  Mr. G M Syed stayed in prison about 30 or so years. In this background Mr. G M Syed was declared "The prisoner of conscience" by the international organization of human rights the "Amnesty International" too.


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