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   Here we are at church.  This picture was taken in May 2003. 
      Nicole is getting ready to take first communion.  She is also active in scouting, and will be bridging to juniors very soon.  She has really enjoyed her teacher this year and I know she will miss  her class when she has to move to the big kids school for 4th grade. 
     Steven, also a scout, has finished his tiger requirements, and will soon recieve his bobcat badge.  He is very excited for his birthday in the next  2 weeks.  Since he is in a multi-aged cl;ass this year for first grade, he will remain with the same teacher for next year. 
      Syeanna  is next.  She is as big a ham as ever.  THis next school year bring all day kindergarten to our school. (YEAH!!!!!!!) She is really looking forward to school.  Preschool has been fun, but it just isn't enough for her.
     Joshua is still a handfull.  Notice how he is being held for the picture!!  I was lucky that he decided to potty train before the baby came.  He likes to get out and play with the big kids, so he should really like VBS this year.  He is finally old enough to participate.
     Karyssa is making great strides in growth.  11 pounds and 23 inches. and still growning.  She is a happy baby, with more attention then any one person would ever need!!!
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