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A Tribute To My Brother:
SPC. Kyle P. Murphy
All the moments we've spent together
All the times we've fought and laughed
Cherrishing the best times
And laughing away the stupid ones
Saying goodbye when he'd go out for the night
Laughing at him when he would stumble through the door
But what if it's the last good-bye we both say to each other
And we never got that last laugh
Thats why I've cherrished the good times
Kissed away the bad times
And now im hoping for the best!
Won't Back Down
It only took one ring from the telephone to get up and go see who was calling, but then not knowing because the caller ID read “unavailable.” Still picking it up to hear such a stern, unrecognizable voice that you’d remember forever because it was stated that Kyle, my brother, was leaving to go over seas to fight for his country and live upto his Army duties. He would also be changed from a PVT. to a SPC. So many things ran through my mind, feelings were mixed and I didn't know how to respond or act towards this new, scary news. I never thought it would possibly happen and i was so startled and unprepared, as was my whole family. Now, it’s been since April of 2005 since Kyle's left home.  It was so hard to say good-bye and give him that last hug and say our last words to each other before he comes home, which I still wonder when he will. I'll never forget his face when he was boarding the plane or how many times he looked back to make sure his family was still there waiting for him to leave.  I can’t put my feelings and thoughts into words on how much I miss him and was so scared when I found out he was leaving. I always think about him because usually something in my daily activites relates to us and our memories that we have and always will have. Sometimes, I can't help but cry because I miss him so much.  I pray for him every night and always look at the candle in our front window that will never be put out until the day he comes home and walks through the front door. I can't wait to pick him up at the air port and drive him home because by the time he comes home I'll be the one driving home, he won't be driving me.  I still say strong and there isn't a doubt in my mind that he won't come home.  I miss my brother and I love him so much.  So please pray for him and everyone else over seas fighting for us.
Love Always,
To the Troops
September 11
Over Seas