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Profile Page
About me: Hello people! My full Name is Jesse Ray Omar Huertas. I'm 5'7. I weight 145lbs. I have Dark Brown hair and Dark Brown eyes with green/blue contacts. I am half Dominican and half Pueto Rican. I have a medium bulk body. I known as the wrestler or over-achiever. I do all kinds of sports. But mainly Wrestling.  I listen to all kinds of music. Anything that sounds good to me. But I mostly listen to Old School Rap. My favorite artist is Nas, for he is the greatest of them all! My favorite rock groups are Disturbed, Linkin Park, and Adema.
I'm single and looking. Yes i'm available for all you cuties out there. :)
But on a serious note, I'm a laid back type of guy. I usually mind my own buisness. I never hold grudges even if there my enemies. I'm what you say big-hearted. I'm calm in all conditions. But hey I know how to still party though.
I was born in Paterson, New Jersey on July 14, 1986. Then in 1993, I moved to Clifton, New Jersey. Then finally after all those years in the great Garden State New Jersey, I moved to Orlando, Florida in 1997. I've been living in Orlando ever since.
History in where I live:
I live with both my parents. Evelyn Jeannette Huertas Santos(44) and my dad Anthony Tee Huertas Sr.(40) I have two sisters, one older and the other younger. Grace Tichelle Grespan Huertas(24) and my younger sister Amanda Grabrila Huertas(14). I have two brothers, both are older. Anthony Tee Huertas Jr.(22) and then my other brother Guyan Osvaldo Huertas(21). I got my dad's side of the family still living in New Jersey and the others are currently living in Edgewater. My mom's side is living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic or in Puerto Rico.
My friends! They mean the world to me. When there happy, i'm happy. I may know alot of people, but these are the people that help make me who I am. Christian, Luis, Junior, Idania, Chris F., Miguel, Xavier G., Xavier R., Alexandra, Ashley, Teresa, Diana, Monique, Angela, Valerie, Vicky, Nick, Kenny, Yesenia, Ramsey, Starr, Ben, Chris G., and for those I forgot, I'm sorry. Everyone stay cool and don't forget who you are..never change..please don't change. i love you guys.
My Favorite Quotes:
~"Mess with the best and end up like all the rest."
~"Stay the same. Never forget who you are. No one can affect you, only you can affect yourself."
~"Live your life to the fullest today because tommorrow it may not be a factor."
~"Love everyone, even your enemies because if you only love your friends, then what's the point."
~"You don't realize how precious something  is until it's gone. Worry about what you got and not what you lack."
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