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Basic Line: ProtoMan is Zero, and Zero is ProtoMan

My Story:  ProtoMan (as you will see in the following stories I get off of the web) was that he was first seen in MegaMan 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  ProtoMan is just like MegaMan in many ways, such as ProtoMan is part machine and part human (just like MegaMan).  ProtoMan was Dr. Lights first creation, MegaMan was the second.  In the MegaMan X series ProtoMan is Zero, just as MegaMan is MegaMan X (which is by far more obvious).  One of the more simple ways to tell that ProtoMan is Zero is that ProtoMan doesn't know who he is, and Zero was Re-programmed to destroy MegaMan X.  But, Zero as you probably already know, doesn't try to kill MegaMan X.  Zero was also partially rebuilt in the process of being re-programmed.  Now Zero Fights with his new and awesome sword, the Z-Saber!  In MegaMan X4 you have the choice to be either, MegaMan X or Zero.  If you choose to fight with Zero then you can absorb a bosses ability in the form of a Z-ability!  If you have played any of the X series then you already know that Zero always goes against his new program and sacrifices himself for the sake of MegaMan X.  ProtoMan's original program was to kill MegaMan.  Yet, he couldn't remember who he was, or what he was doing on earth.  But, all he wants is to keep MegaMan alive, and to find out who he really is.  It is driving ProtoMan insane not knowing who he really is (wouldn't that drive you insane)!  ProtoMan is MegaMan's Brother in a sense.  Capcom has yet to reveal the truth about their brotherhood.  But for now, we can only assume.  Updates of this story will be located beneath this text.

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Sample mini story.  (Below)

November 20----------------------------------------------------------

Name : Proto Man
Type : Robot
First seen in : Mega Man 3 (NES)
Also known as : Break Man (MM3)
Details : Prototype robot built by Dr.Light and Dr.Wily (no.000). He is Mega Man's "brother". Sometimes helping Wily, sometimes helping Mega Man. He's some kind of neutral guy. He appears from time to time in nearly all Mega Man games.  

Question:  What color is ProtoMan's cape?

Answer: Yellow

Rating: 7.5

Author: John Doe        # of stories sent in: 1

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