Studio BeSerene Media Systems
Studio BeSerene began as a three-member creative team which dwelt exclusively on conceptual development for Japanese-format animation.  The team was initially formed in May 1999 when writers Midge Manlapig and Patti Alcano came up with the concept Sensei no Okini'iri.  The original team had problems with the schedules of members Alcano and Joel Chua.  This led to some setbacks and pretty much left Manlapig alone until June.

Together with former
Malate Literary Folio artists Alexander Lagura and Jowell Chan, Manlapig consolidated the BeSerenes on 24 June 1999.  On 04 August 1999, they had their first breakthrough meeting with Nestor P. Palabrica, general manager of EEI-Toei Animation (now Toei Animation - Philippines) and the rest, as they say, is history.

The BeSerenes has been busy preparing their English language manga anthology along with a number of animation concepts all of which may see fruition come the first or second quarter of 2001.  In them meantime, they have also been working on Megami Media Online and the online serialization of the novel format of their newest concept
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