One Year Later
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You know, I think I finally get it/What made you different from me/I've been hearing people talking/They don't like what they see/Apparently you're spoiled/I've heard them call you names/These people are adults not children/And they aren't that fond of you/Your sister's something different/Maybe they know she's sincere/And those same people think I'm nice/Hey--I'm just like her/And isn't it funny that they tell you sweet things/But it's just for your uncle's sake/He's so in charge and even though/You don't like him too well/They know better than to cross him/So these people don't care about you/They can tell who's the best/Out of me, you, and your sister/It's the first and last at the head/And isn't it funny that you think you're better/But everyone thinks you're a snob/And you play for their opinion, play dead for their opinion/And then you mock their stupidity/I don't play dead unless I have to/And I don't care much for their opinion/But that's the difference between you and I/One year later have you figured it out?
All rights go to Joss Whedon.
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