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I'm currently very board with this site but have exams over the next couple of months so I have no time to do anything about it! I will completely re-do this site (and I mean completely changed from alpha to omega) just as soon as I can find the time and inspiration!

Strategy Guides

Ever wanted to know how to beat the best player at Tiberian Sun? Then go somewhere else! What I do offer are some sneaky and basic tricks every player should know as well as a vast array of tips and extra campaigns for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Da Shrine

Dis is where I pay 'omage to what I think is some of da badist things in life, check it! (That was the only Alli G impression on the site, promise!)

Web Hints

Do you know how to forge e-mails, or fool a search engine? Well I do, and for those who aren't to great on the web, this is the perfect place to go.

Feed Back

Okay, so once you've seen the site tell me what you think, or laugh at what other people have to say, remember I can't make this site any better if I've got no material to do it with!

40K Campaign

Fight for the forces of the Emperor or alien abominations for dominance of the Joryan system in this world wide Warhammer 40,000 campaign



Personally, I hate link pages, its like saying "come to my site, you can go to others" but it seems to be web etiquette, so here's my favourite pick from the twisted art work of productions™ to watching little stick men getting blown up...

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