My Wonderful Life

by Me

Hi! As you may have guessed, I am Dana, the Queen of this page! I thought it might be pertinent, for those of you who are into this sort of thing, to put in a little bit of information about where I came from and some of my short history. For those of you who aren't into this, well, I hope you don't find this page too damaging, and should you need counseling after reading this, dont hesitate to give me a call. I've got to get clients from somewhere. . .

About 30 years ago, I entered this world, and didn't stop screaming for some time, as my parents tell me. Apparently, I was offended about something. Eventually, I got over it, and grew up. *whew* That takes care of my childhood. . .

Then, I went through that wonderful awkward period as a teenager. Strangely enough, there will be no pictures from said awkward period available for public viewing. . .

After that, I got married and worked a lot to get through school. I got a degree in music ministry, a bachelor's degree in social work, then my Master's degree.

I graduated in May of 2002 with my Master of Science in Social Work. I got divorced in the Spring of 2003, then I worked at a psychiatric hospital as an intake worker, so I got to meet lots of exciting new people! For a while, I worked as a care coordinator for high-needs families in the school system. Now, I'm a school counselor at an elementary school. I love my little babies! (I also love 2.5 months of vacation.) =)

I am seriously considering returning to school and getting my Ph.D. so that I can teach. Apparently I am determined to either be an academic or torture myself to death with school.

I just posted some new pictures on my pictures page, so stop in and take a look if you haven't already! Feel free to look around and contact me at the address below.


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