Ken's Picture page #2
Looks like you made it to my second page of pics.  I was going through some old pics and decided to post some of my favorites from Gay Pride celebrations of the past.  All the pics on this pages, as well as the previosu page were taken during the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade in 2000.
My favorite things at any Gay Pride Celebration?

Drag queens, Dykes on Bikes and half naked men flirting with me and showing off their hot bodies.
Me looking bored waiting for the Dykes on Bikes to herald the beginning of the parade.
Here is my favorite group of "women", The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (of which my friend Chris is one (Sister Dirrtiee Sanchez).
This hot man was standing behind my ex and me during the parade flirting with me while his BF was in line for the bathroom (and my BF was oblivious).  He graciously posed for me.
One of the West Hollywood Cheerleaders.  Always a crowd pleaser.
MMMMM!! Hot soapy men!  YUMM!
MMMMM!! Hot leather men!  YUMM!
Home Photo Page #1
Nice, a hot man stradling a train wearing only a towel.  YUMMMMY
A necessity at any Gay Pride Parade... Men in drag with BIG HAIR!
And of course... Lucy.  Wonder if she came with Ricky or Ethel?