Hello and Welcome:
As most of you know my name is Tara and I live in a small town somewhere in the middle of the country. There is not much of anything to do here unless you grow corn.... So I spend all my time spoiling my pets.
Some of my friends were complaining that I was filling their email box with lots of photos, so I figured I would put all my photos on this webpage instead.
I will also be adding some photos of the home improvements we are doing both inside and out. These are for my family that don't want to come and visit, just want to be nosey and see what we are doing.
This is me, I know, very scary, but my web friends wanted to know what I look like. This picture was taken about 6 years ago, the only difference is my hair is darker.
Pull up a chair, sit back, have a smoke, a drink or whatever floats your boat.
There are a lot of links and a lot of photos to look at.
I will be adding more each day so check back often. Feel free to comment on anything you may see, tell me if you like it, don't like it or just to piss off!!!
Hell I don't really care what you think!
Just remember to have fun.
Zeus, my man the Pooh
Steve the wonder WOMAN
Freak, yes, his name is Freak
The Dumb Dogs
Home Improvements and stuff
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