Michael Jackson, I Will Be There!


I remember when I was ten or eleven years old, and I was first truly introduced to Michael Jackson's music, and his personality. I was at the movies watching the movie "Free Willy", and I heard the movie's theme at the end "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson. That movie did two things for me. . .besides making the killer whale my favorite animal, it had instantly made Michael Jackson my favorite entertainer, and person. My heart felt like it was lost happily in Michael's song, in his voice, and in the rhythm. I don't know how to explain it, but it was just magical to me!

Unfortunately, it was also around the time that Michael Jackson was first accused of child mollestation. It was really disturbing to see the things that Michael had to go through, and the amount of people that instantly turned their backs on him. No matter what, I believed in Michael through the whole thing. I never doubted that Michael was 100% innocent.

After some time passed, I was really happy to see that Michael gained some popularity back, but ten years later, in November 2003, Michael stands again accused of child mollestation. Ten years later, here I am, still believing in Michael, and his innocence. It really surprises me at how cruel society really is. . .people are always out to get something out of someone at any cost. Michael having so much money, and an unmeasurable amount of love for children, makes him an easy target.

It really disgusts me that people can hurt someone as wonderful as Michael. Michael is such a loving, caring, sympathetic,loyal,strong, HONEST, giving, outgoing, selfless, compassionate, talented, good moraled, good valued, warm hearted, innocent, pure, and VERY family oriented person. I believe that Michael is the one true person that does not change who he is, or alters how he portrays himself to remain popular.

Michael has always stood up for what he has believed in, and he IS the right voice. The only thing Michael is guilty of is not understanding how the minds of sick and cruel people work. In a way, I'm happy that he doesn't know how they work because he is so pure. On the other hand, it's a shame that he doesn't know how their minds work because he is always vulnerable to their jokes and accusations, and it's hard for him to protect himself.

Michael has worked his whole life to give the best entertainment he could, and to change the world for the better, and people repay him with lies and bad tabloids. People are so quick to judge Michael, but they never even take the time to try to see who Michael is inside. Those people also always say what terrible things should be done to Michael, and it makes THEM sound like they're the sick ones, and I often wonder if they're even human.

I truly love Michael Jackson with all my heart, and I will stand up for him no matter what. I haven't in the past, and I won't this time, fall for what the media says about Michael. I believe Michael is a very special person that is not appreciated for who he is, and he is not given any privacy.

I look into Michael's eyes, and I see what the world could be. . .so different from what it is now. In his world, there is no suffering, there are no lies, no starvation, no illnesses, no prejudices, only love, family, and unity. It's terrible to see the world shut the door in his face, bash him, and do outrageous things to him.

Michael Jackson will always shine because he has such spirit that the world has never seen. . .they know it, and it scares them. It scares them because they are stuck in a rut of a negative lifestyle, and they are afraid of change. Everyone always questions what the world has come to, and they always cry out for a good change, but how can there be any good change if they shun the person with the capabilities of it? Michael, stay strong, don't lose your way, stay the way you are. . . and keep shining!

*Meghan Phillips*

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