Name: They just call him Skittery. But I'm giving him the name Daniel. :D

Age: 17 going on 18

What Is His Role In The Movie: Well let's put it this way. If Skittery never made that comment about how he thinks about a picture in the paper...Racetrack would never get into how great it is. Thus leading to no "King Of New York" O_O

How Do I Love Thee?: He's cute...and I fell in love with his singing voice. How could you not admire his singing voice? nklvdn wowww......
Who Likes Him?
So far I can only see that I lust for this guy. Is it possible??? Come on ladies...there has to be more than moi to lust for him! :D If not then...
No wait I take that back. I know my friend Octavia thinks he's cute. :)
Those moving pictures at the top are from the site Mayhem's Movie Madness. An AWESOME site! :D Go check it out!