1) What is the difference between HENNA & MEHNDI?
Ans) The terms, Mehndi or Henna are used interchangeably. The only difference according to some artists is that Henna is the name of the plant whereas Mehndi is the art.

2)Is Mehndi a temporary tattoo?
Ans)Yes! it is! Mehndi is indeed a temporary tattoo. It is unlike the other tattoos which are permenant and this is the whole charm in it because you can always have new designs to have on your skin.
Skin exfoliates every  21-25 days, and the henna fades gradually over this period of time

3)How long does it last?
Ans)Although some henna designs may last upto 20 days or a month but ususally mehndi fades out in 2-3 weeks. For average person the designs last anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending upon the particular body area on which it is being applied, an individual's body temperature as the warmer the temperature, the longer mehndi will last and darker the design will be.
The palms and the soles of the feet tend to be the warmest areas of the body with the thickest skin, which allows the henna to seep into the multiple layers. However, even though the color will be darkest on these areas but t does not last longer on them due to their constant use.

4)What is a BLACK HENNA?
Ans) For details visit the Mehendifun Messageboard (temp. unavailable).

5)Does henna come in colors?
Ans)The henna that comes in colors is NOT a natural henna.
Depending  on the skin tone, skin type, body temperature, and other factors, the color of henna appears on the skin as light orange, dark orange, rust or reddish brown, chocolate brown, to burgundy, and crimson red.

6)Is henna application a painful process like other body tattoos?
Ans)No! Not at all !!! Since there is no needle used or skin is never pierced therefore it is absolutely a painless art. Mehndi paste is always applied on top of the skin, infact it is a conditioner for the skin.
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