1)Always do a skin reaction or a patch test to make sure that the client is not allergic to the ingediants of the mehndi being used.

2) Be relaxed, prepared and draw a design in your mind first. Don't stat randomly.

3) Put your weight on a pillow or cusion so that your hand won't touch the henna.

4) Always keep a design book or a catalogue for working out complicated designs. Keep practicing designs by sketching them on  your mehndi sketch book.

5) Have the area you are working on as close to eye level as possible.

6) Let your client get relaxed. Give short intervals during long mehndi sessions.

7) Keep in mind the desired kind of a design client wants.

8) Make sure the design you are going to paint is according to the client's age, mood and culture.

9) A design should have a rythum. Do not mix one type of pattern with another if it does not suit with each other. Do not mix flowers or signs with geometrical patterns.

10) Always balance the design.

11) Both hands are not necessarily to be painted identical, while the feet should have identical pattern  because feet are always seen together.

12) Heat and moisture are required for the proper penetration of henna into the skin. In addition to dabbing with the lemon juice, stay warm!

13) Remember! Mehndi is not an exact science so keep experimenting with it.

14) Nevet copy other artist's work. Always go for an original piece of a design. Keep drawing sketches for new designs. You can also modify a design or a motive from a garment or a cloth.
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